Setting up EGit in Eclipse to work with your Beanstalk account

In order to setup your Beanstalk Git account, you first need to install the EGit plugin in Eclipse. You will also need to make sure you have Git installed and have setup SSH keys correctly, so that Git is working for you from command line.

To setup SSH keys in Windows, check this article, and to setup SSH keys on Mac check this article.

After you have finished installing the plugin, and setup Git and SSH keys, make sure you have setup the correct path to SSH keys in Eclipse. To set the SSH keys folder, go to: Window → Preferences → General → Network Connections → SSH2.

After this you can try to import one of your Git repositories from Beanstalk. Select Import project, and then Import project from Git.

After this you will see a button to clone an existing repository, after clicking the clone button, you will need to fill the information about your Beanstalk repository. Here is an example of one of Beanstalk's repository imports:

After clicking “Next” button, Eclipse should connect to Beanstalk, and you should be able to select a branch to connect to. After selecting a branch, Eclipse will ask you where to store your Git repository and you should be able to finish setting up the import of your Git repository.

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