Generating and Adding SSH keys on Windows

To authenticate with Beanstalk for Git you will need to generate an SSH key pair. This process only requires a few steps, but you first need to install msysgit (use the full installer) which will install OpenSSH connection tools and Git.

Generating a key pair

To do this you need to run Git Bash, which can be found in the start menu. Once opened, run the command:

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa

It will ask for location and pass phrase. Accept the default location (usually C:\Documents and Settings\username\.ssh\ or C:\Users\username\.ssh) by pressing enter. After that, make sure to set a strong pass phrase for the key.

Now that the keys are generated, open the file with a text editor. The contents of this file is the public key, copy it to your clipboard.

Adding your public key to Beanstalk

Once your key pair is generated, you can add it to Beanstalk. Login to Beanstalk and click on  Your Name > Enter Password > SSH Keys. Once there, you will see a button to add your public key. Click the Add Public Key button, and paste the public key into the SSH Key box, click Add Key and your done.

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