Using FileZilla with deployments.

In order for FileZilla to work consistently with FTP deployments some minor configuration changes may be required.  There is no exact math to determining these values, however the suggested changes are known to work well with Beanstalk, your mileage will vary and may require additional tweaking.

  1. Open the FileZilla server interface.
  2. In the FileZilla server interface, go to the 'Edit' menu and select 'Settings'

Once you're in the settings menu, we suggest the following changes.

In General settings:

Change "No transfer timeout" to "240"

In Security settings:

Uncheck all settings (These are not required if behind a firewall).

In Miscellaneous settings:

Uncheck "Ignore unroutable IPs on PORT command"

Set "Internal transfer buffer size" to "49152"

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