Integrating with Slack

Beanstalk has a built-in integration with Slack, an online team communication tool. After configuring your repository to work with Slack Beanstalk will post messages to your Slack channel every time a new commit is made or a new deployment is triggered.

Configuring the integration

In order to use the integration you will need to connect your Beanstalk repository to your Slack account. Please note that you need to be an admin in Beanstalk to setup the integration.

To start go to your repository then follow navigation to Settings > Integration page and click on Slack logo in the integrations list. Click on the Activate integration button to start the setup process. Beanstalk will then guide you through the process of connecting your repository to Slack, just follow the instructions. You will need to sign into your Slack account and authorize the integration in order to finish the setup process.

Missing something?

If there's something lacking in our integration with Slack or you want it to be improved, do let us know. We love working on our integrations with other services to make them easy to use and useful.

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