Can I trigger a deployment from my commit message?

There are two ways to trigger deployments straight from your Beanstalk commits. First one is to enable Automatic mode in your Environment settings. This way each time you commit something, a deployment will be initiated automatically. It will works great for staging environments, but it's not acceptable for production (read why in our best practices guide).

To trigger a deployment for a Manual environment straight from your commit message you can use the [deploy] commit command. Here's an example:

 Fixed a bug [deploy:Production]

By specifying an environment name you are telling Beanstalk to initiate a deployment for this environment as soon as this commit will be received on our servers. You can deploy to multiple environments as well:

  Fixed a bug [deploy:"Production Node 1"] [deploy:"Production Node 2"]

Note how you can use quotes to specify complex environment names.

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