Integrating with HipChat

You can easily integrate your Beanstalk repository with HipChat, an online private group chat for business and teams. When integrated, Beanstalk will post information about commits, pushes and deployments that your team is performing realtime to your HipChat room. This makes collaboration and keeping track of the project's progress very easy. Here's an example how it works in real life:

HipChat integration example

How to set it up?

To integrate your Beanstalk repository with HipChat, log in to your Beanstalk account, go to your repository, then go to Settings → Integration → HipChat. Click the Activate Integration button and follow the wizard steps. Keep in mind that you will need owner or admin privileges in Beanstalk to setup the integration.

At the final step of the integration wizard, you will have a chance to notify your whole team about the new integration with a click of a button.

Finding the HipChat Admin Token

The integration wizard will ask you to enter your HipChat Admin Token on the first step. Please note that it's different from the Notification token that also exists in HipChat.

In order to obtain the Admin Token, log in to your HipChat web interface, then go to Group Admin → API. Grab the Admin Token from that page and paste it into Step 1 of the integration wizard. If you can't find the token you may need to create one by using the Create New Token form at the bottom of the page.

HipChat API page

If you can't find the API page in your HipChat account, ask the person who set up your HipChat account to try.

Please Note: Only the account owner and admins are allowed to activate integrations. 

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