Integrating with FogBugz

FogBugz is a task-based bug tracking and project management tool. Each commit in Beanstalk can be associate with a particular case in FogBugz.

How to setup integration

In order to integrate FogBugz with Beanstalk, you need to enable FogBugz integration within your repository. To do this, go to your Repository, then Setup → Integration → FogBugz. To get started with the setup, click on FogBugz icon, and then on Activate integration button inside the page. 

Define Account Information

In this step, you should define your FogBugz account information, like account URL and credentials.

Activate and Save Changes


Once you are ready, review the settings and activate the integration. 

How to use the integration

After you have finished the integration process between Beanstalk and FogBugz, managing FogBugz cases with commit messages is simple. When writing commit message, simply add:

[#15 assign:mike state:resolved] New feature is implemented and tested<br>

Where 15 is the case number in FogBugz, state is the status of the ticket and ticket will be assigned to Mike. When assigning ticket to person, FogBugz matches user by closest match to first or last name of the person, no spaces included. 

For example, if you have user "Chris Nagele" in FogBugz, you can use tag: assign:chris, or assign:nagele to assign ticket.

Associated commit and changeset will be added to the case in FogBugz, which then links back to your Beanstalk changeset.


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