Backups, redundancy and restores

Beanstalk offers multiple layers of backups to keep your data safe and secure. Whether it is an accident or catastrophe, we have multiple options to recover.

Redundant Storage

Beanstalk stores all data on high performance SAS drives in a redundant RAIDz array, including spare disks in the event of a drive failure. This means that data is written multiple times across many disks. If a disk fails, the available spares will immediately replace the broken device.

Automated off-site backups

For all paying accounts Beanstalk automatically sends incremental backups to a remote data center every 10 minutes to ensure minimal loss in case the primary system fails completely or is corrupted.

ZFS Snapshots

By using ZFS snapshots, the Beanstalk file servers keep a history of data change for all account data. In the event that data was accidentally deleted, it is possible to retrieve and restore previous snapshots with little effort for up to a 30 day period.

Restoring a backup

If you need to restore your repository (it happens, we all make mistakes once in a while), just contact us and our team will look into it. In some circumstances, we are able to recover a copy and restore it to your account. However, the best option is to create a backup of any repository you delete from your account.

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