Restricting Access by IP

In some cases, you might want to only allow certain IP addresses to access your Beanstalk account. By reviewing  IP Access Record, you can easily see who is accessing your Beanstalk account, including their IP address.

You can then enable IP restrictions and add these safe IPs to a whitelist in Beanstalk.

IP address restrictions are disabled by default. To restrict access from certain IP addresses, login to your Beanstalk account, go to the Accounts page, then to the Security section.

Then click the "Enable restricted access" button.

After enabling the restriction, no users will be able to access your account (except you, the account owner), until you add their IP addresses to the whitelist or disable IP restrictions.

When adding IP addresses, you can add one IP address or an IP address range, which allows access to multiple IP addresses in the same range.

Please note that you have to be an account owner to be able to restrict access by IP address. This feature is available for Business plans only. Also, please be mindful that the account owner can log in from any location regardless of the IP restriction.

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