Issue with "name already exists" or "cannot find the file specified" in Windows

If you're receiving the errors:

"Failed to add file '(name here)': object of the same name already exists.
"Can't open file 'folder\.svn\tmp\text-base\file.svn-base': The system cannot find the file specified."

Both mean that two files in the same folder have the same name except for capitalization; for example "Readme.txt" and "README.TXT". Unix and Subversion are case-sensitive, so the files are considered to be completely unrelated. But in Windows it is not case-sensitive, so when it tries to update README.TXT on top of Readme.txt, it breaks.

The easiest way to fix the problem is to log in to a Unix system (Mac, etc) and checkout the repository there. You can then use the svn mv command to rename one of the files. If you are in the middle of trying to add a file to your repository, you might try using TortoiseSVN->Rename... to rename the existing file to something entirely different and then updating. Note that you need to use the TortoiseSVN rename commands; merely renaming the file in Windows Explorer won't fix your problems.

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