How do I setup SSH authentication for deployments?

If you are setting up an SFTP server or SHELL server for deployments we offer the option to add extra security by using SSH key authentication.

In order to use key authentication, you’ll need to add a key to your server that we will check against every time a deployment is triggered. Each server will have it's own unique key.

When in the server settings screen you’ll have the option to download a public key. You’ll need to add this to the authorized_keys file (usually located under your user directory at ~/.ssh/authorized_keys) on your server. Each server will get a unique public key for increased security, which you can generate right on that screen.

Important Information on RSA Algorithm

Beanstalk is using RSA type algorithm for SSH authentication by default, which may not be supported by your server. For example, newer versions of Ubuntu have stopped supporting RSA out of the box. If you are in that situation you'll get a deployment failure and a deployment incident notification if you try to deploy. To solve it, you can either re-enable RSA algorithm in your sshd config or we can enable ed25519 algorithm for your account upon request, just drop us an email.

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