Can't copy / move 'XXX.svn-base' to 'XXX.tmp': The system cannot find the file specified.

This error happens when two files exist with the same name, but different case. In linux, these files are viewed as two separate and unique files. In Mac and Windows however, they are perceived as the same file, therefore SVN does not know what to do with them. There are two options, recommend by TortoiseSVN:

Option 1

  • Commit the changes in your working copy.
  • Rename the file from UPPERcase to upperCASE directly in the repository using the repository browser.
  • Update your working copy.

Option 2

  • Rename from UPPERcase to UPPERcase_ with the rename command in the TortoiseSVN submenu.
  • Commit the changes.
  • Rename from UPPERcase_ to upperCASE.
  • Commit the changes.
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