How do I backup my Beanstalk repository?

There are times when it makes sense to backup a repo in Beanstalk to another location. Although Beanstalk has a very  robust back up process, there can be scenarios where you want to create your own copy.

Example:  if you are close to using all your account storage, you may want to remove older, inactive repos from your account. Before doing so, creating a backup is a good step.

Backup a Subversion repository

Beanstalk provides an export tool for Subversion that allows you to generate a special Subversion dump file from your repository for downloading to your computer. The Subversion dump file contains your repository's entire revision history, including the contents of all your files and folders. You can use the dump file later to create a new Subversion repo that will be identical to the one you generated the dump from.
We have a separate help article that will guide you through the process of requesting a Subversion dump for your repository:

Backup a Git repository

Git doesn't require a similar export process because every local Git repository on your computer is in fact a full repository with the entire commit history stashed inside it. To make sure that everything is backed up though, we recommend creating a fresh clone.
Run the following command on your computer to clone your repository:
git clone
Or, you can use any Git client (graphical or command line) to create the clone as usual. Be sure to clone the repository to a directory where you intend to store the backup.
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