Setting up Beanstalk account in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver supports Version Control (Subversion only for now), to save different revisions of your files. You can easily setup Dreamweaver to access repositories in your Beanstalk account. 

In order to setup Version control in Dreamweaver, open up the menu at top in Dreamweaver, go to Site -> Manage Sites. In the "Manage Sites" popup select "New.." to manage new site, or select "Edit" to select existing one.

Please note that this is where you manage the location where your website would be stored on your local machine too, so this is also the place where your repository will be checked out.

After you've made your selection to manage your website, you will see a new popup where you can setup your website. You will see a Version Control section on sidebar. Select the "Version Control" section in the sidebar to setup your Subversion account. Choose "Subversion" for access, and "HTTPS" as protocol and fill out the information for your account and repsitory like you could see in the example on the screenshot. 

After this, click "Test" and you should see a message that the server and the project are accessible.

Now, you can save your website settings and you should be able to checkout, commit, update your subversion repositories and more.

We have checked setting up Subversion repository with Dreamweaver CS5.5. If you encounter any problems contact us.



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