Can I export my Subversion repository?

Every Beanstalk SVN repository can be exported at any time, at no cost. The export contains an SVN dump file of the repository. This exported file can be imported into another Subversion server and will retain the complete revision history.

Please note: Only the Beanstalk account owner or a repository admins can export an SVN repository.

Export Repository

  1. Go to your repository, select Settings.  
  2. Choose Export Repository.
  3. You will see the Export repository page on which you need to Request export in order to export the repository. You can cancel the export by choosing Go Back.
  4. To Export, select Request Export.

  5. After choosing Request export, You will see a short notice and Beanstalk will start exporting your repository

When exporting is finished you will see a file that can be downloaded, which contains the exported repository. If you want to download the file later and you want to be sure that it contains the latest files from the repository, you can click the refresh link next to the file name. After clicking refresh link, your repository will be exported again, in case there were any changes to the repository files.

You can leave Export repository page by selecting Go back.

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