What is my Repository Path?

Picking your Repo Path

Repository Path

When you setup a deployment server, you'll need to tell Beanstalk to pull the changes from a certain place in your repository. You can ask us to deploy from anywhere in the repository or get as specific as a certain folder. When a deployment is triggered, Beanstalk will check for changes inside this repository path only. If there are changes, we'll deploy.

The repo path has to exist in your repository at the time of setting up the server. If you want Beanstalk to deploy from anywhere in the repo, just put a / in the repo path. If you want to pick a specific location, put the absolute path. Here's an example repo:




  • / -> Deploy any change in the entire repo
  • /trunk -> Deploy from anywhere in the /trunk directory
  • /staging -> Deploy only when there are changes in /staging directory
  • /staging/FileABC -> Deploy only when there is a change in this file
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