How do I migrate a repo from one account to another?

It’s not possible to move a repository from one Beanstalk account to another. But it is possible to copy a repository to another account. 

If you’re using Git, you’ll first need to clone the repo you want to copy locally. Then, create a new empty repository in the account you want to add the repo. Finally, add your remote and push the files from the local repo to the new Beanstalk account using the git push command. 
We have steps on how to do that here under the section, "Move an existing Git repository". 
If you’re using SVN, you’ll need to prepare an SVN dump file to export. You can do this under Repo > Settings. This option is available to repository admins.

Next, create a new SVN repository and import the dump file into the other Beanstalk account.
Please note: This will not remove the repository from the previous Beanstalk account. To have it removed, it will need to be deleted by an admin or the account owner. Using this method allows you to retain all commit history in the repository. Deployment settings and details can not be migrated from one account to another. This means you’ll need to setup the environments and server settings again from scratch. 
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