Integrating with Campfire


Beanstalk can integrate with  Campfire chat. This is useful if your team is usually in the chat and would like to see instant updates on recent updates in your repositories. Here is what the Campfire chat notification might look like:


How to setup integration

In order to integrate Campfire with Beanstalk, you need to enable Campfire integration within your repository. To do this, go to your Repository, then Settings→ Integration → Campfire. To get started with the setup, click on Campfire icon, and then on Activate integration button inside the page. 

Define Account Information

In this step, you should define your Campfire account information and API key. You may want to setup a specific user in Campfire for Beanstalk commits. To obtain your API key, go to the  My Info link in the top right. You will see you API token on this page.


Once you have copied the token, insert it into the form on Beanstalk.


Select a Chat Room

Next, you can choose the chat room where the commit notification should display. This can be useful if you have separate chat rooms for separate projects. Each repository could send commit notifications to the corresponding room.


Activate and Save Changes

Once you are ready, review the settings and activate the integration. On your next commit you should see the post in Campfire. In case you are using repositories like Git which can push multiple commits at once, you will see all commits per push in Campfire.


Please Note:
 Only the account owner and admins are allowed to activate integrations. 

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