Integrating with DoneDone

Beanstalk has a built-in integration with DoneDone, an issue tracking service. After configuring your repository to work with DoneDone you can use commands inside your commit messages to post updates to your DoneDone tickets.

Configuring the integration

In order to use the integration you will need to connect your Beanstalk repository to your DoneDone account. Please note that you need to be an admin in Beanstalk to setup the integration.

To start go to your repository then follow navigation to Settings > Integration page and click on DoneDone logo in the integrations list. Click on the Activate integration button to start the setup process. Beanstalk will then guide you through the process of connecting your repository to DoneDone, just follow the instructions. You will need your DoneDone subdomain, username and password (or an API token) handy in order to complete the configuration.

Beanstalk will also ask you to select a project from your DoneDone account with which you want to integrate your repository. Make sure that DoneDone username that you are using has access to the project you are planning to integrate with.

Referencing DoneDone tickets in your commits

Once the integration is active you will be able to specify DoneDone ticket numbers in your commit messages to associate those commits with DoneDone tickets:

  <code>Commit message [#1234]

When Beanstalk receives this commit it will connect to your DoneDone account, find a ticket with ID 1234 and post information about the commit to it with a link back to your Beanstalk repository. Link to that DoneDone ticket will also appear on Activity and Changeset pages for quick access.

Changing DoneDone ticket statuses from commits

In addition to simply referencing tickets from your commits you can also change ticket statuses:

  <code>Commit message [#1234 status: "In Progress"]

After receiving this commit Beanstalk will update this ticket's status to the one you specified. Nice and simple!

Missing something?

If there's something lacking in our integration with DoneDone or you want it to be improved, do let us know. We love working on our integrations with other services to make them easy to use and useful.

Please Note: Only the account owner and admins are allowed to activate integrations. 

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