Integrating with Freckle

Freckle is a thoughtful and beautiful web-based time tracking application built for small business. Beanstalk can integrate with your Freckle account to log in hours for specific tasks every time you commit.

How to setup integration

In order to integrate Freckle with Beanstalk, you need to setup the integration settings within your repository. To do this, go to your Repository then Settings → Integration → Freckle. To get started with the setup, click on Freckle icon and then on Activate integration button inside the page.

After clicking Activate button you will need to enter your Freckle account URL and Auth token.


Auth token can be found by clicking settings on your Freckle account. After clicking settings you will see an Integration API tab on which you can find the Auth token.


After entering account details you need to choose the project you would like to integrate the repository with. By each commit time would be logged for tasks to the project which you selected.

Check and make sure everything is correct, and on the next page hit “Activate” in order to activate integration. You will be able to change your settings or deactivate at any time.

How to use the integration

Once you have setup integration with Beanstalk and Freckle, you can add tags to your commit comments that will post log entries into your timesheet. For example:

Fixed layout on login page, login, layout fix [time:1h30min]</>
		You will get an entry which you can see on dashboard of your Freckle account, under “Your Recent Entries”. The entry would look like this:
		<img alt="freckle-dashboard.jpg" src="">
		Each part of the commit message with 1 or 2 words is used as a tag, where the parts are separated with commas. In the commit message above, “login” and “layout fix” were detected as tags, and the first part of commit message was detected as a description.
		You can also mark your time entries with a tag which can help you organize your entries in Freckle:
	<pre class="prettyplain">Commit message [time:1h tag: development][time:30m tag: copywriting]

Multiple commit commands are also supported to specify multiple time entries within the same commit messages like this:

Commit message [time: 2h][time: 30m]

A list of the supported Time tags you can use in your commit messages can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: In your Beanstalk account email address for every user which will use time recording, must match email address in your Freckle account.  Also, only the account owner and admins are allowed to activate integrations. 

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