Do you offer pre–payments?

Please Note: Only the Account Owner is allowed to make billing changes on an account.

We offer the option to pay in advance for your Beanstalk account. After making a pre-payment, we'll withdraw the amount from your account balance instead of your credit card. Your invoice will reflect this information both in the email and in the invoice in your Account. In the past Receipts section, you can see if you made a payment from your credit card or account balance.

Please note: If you don't have enough credits in your current account balance, we will charge your credit card for the difference. Credits purchased in advance are nonrefundable. We recommend testing to confirm that Beanstalk will meet all of your needs before purchasing credits in advance. 

Make Pre-payment

  1. Go to the account Account page. (Top right, when logged into Beanstalk)
  2. Select Billing & Receipts.
  3. Choose Make a one-time payment.

  4. You'll then be given an option to pay 3, 6, or 9 months, as well as 1, or 2 years in advance. Select the pre-payment amount you wish to make then select Make Payment button. 

  5. The payment is then processed from your credit card on file, and the amount is added to your account balance.

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