How do I conduct code review on stand-alone commits?

You don't have to use branches to review your code in Beanstalk. Stand-alone commits can be reviewed and approved directly from the Changeset page. By default every commit will have a Pending review status which is visible at the top of the Changeset page.

Review code right on the Changeset page and use in-line comments to discuss the review with your team. You can notify a specific user or team who you want to review your code by using @username and @teamname syntax.

Once the code is reviewed and you are ready to approve it you can can simply click the Approve commit button. The Review status at the top of the page will change from Pending to Approved. You will also notice a Revoke option in case you need to revoke your approval. The author of the commit will receive an email notification when the approval is made.

If you want to find all commits from your repository that were or weren't approved, use Reviews > Commits page. The page will allow you to filter all commits from your repository by their review status, committer, branch to which they were committed and other information. It makes it very easy to find blank spots in your repository's code review coverage.

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