Integrating with Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is lightweight, agile software development tool by Pivotal Labs. This integration allows you to connect a repository to a your project in Pivotal Tracker. Once connected, you can invoke actions on your user stories from your commit messages.

How to setup integration

In order to integrate Pivotal Tracker with Beanstalk, you need to setup the integration settings within your repository. To do this, go to your Repository then Settings → Integration → Pivotal Tracker. To get started with the setup, click on the Pivotal Tracker icon and then on the Activate integration button.

After clicking Activate button you will need to enter your Pivotal Tracker Access API token.

Your token can be found on the profile page under API Token in Pivotal Tracker.

After your token is verified you will choose the project you would like to integrate the repository with. This way we can find your stories to associate your commits with.

Check and make sure everything is correct, and on the next page hit “Activate” in order to activate integration. You will be able to change your settings or deactivate at any time.

How to use the integration

Associate a story

You can associate a story with your commits. All you need to do is add the story's ID inside your commit message.

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Beanstalk will post information about that commit to the story's activity feed.

Update story's state

You can change your story's state right inside your commit message by providing the story ID and a state. State can be one of the following: unscheduled, unstarted, started, finished, delivered, accepted, or rejected.

Note: User stories much be first set to started, in order to move to finished, delivered or accepted.

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Assign story owner

Also, you can even reassign the story's owner to a colleague.

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Add a label to a story

Add one or more labels to a story. Previous labels are always preserved.

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