Integrating with Basecamp

Beanstalk can integrate with your  Basecamp account, providing clean notification posts for each commit to your team in your Basecamp projects. 

What it looks like…

When Beanstalk and Basecamp are integrated, each commit or push to your repository will result in a post to Basecamp. This post will show who made the commit, the revision, commit message, and affected files. Beanstalk will also insert a link to redirect back to the changeset in Beanstalk. Here is what the post would look like in Basecamp:

To setup Basecamp integration, follow the steps below.

How to setup integration

In order to integrate Basecamp with Beanstalk, you need to enable Basecamp integration within your repository. To do this, go to your Repository, then  Settings → Integration → Basecamp. To get started with the setup, click on the Basecamp icon, and then on the Activate integration button.

Define Account Information

In the first step, you will need to sign into your Basecamp account to allow Beanstalk to access your Basecamp account.

Choose Account

Next, choose your Basecamp account.


Choose project

Next, you can choose the project to which Beanstalk will post notifications. It’s best to associate each repository with the corresponding project in Basecamp.

Activate and Save Changes

Finally, once you have confirmed everything, click the Activate button.

How to use the integration

To test and make sure everything works, commit or push something to your repository. You should see the new commit notification in your Basecamp project. It may take a minute or so to post.

Please note that you can't use empty commit messages to post to Basecamp. Also, only the account owner and admins are allowed to activate integrations. 

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