Specifying ticket numbers in comments

Beanstalk supports a variety of issue tracking services, such as Lighthouse, Sifter, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, and others. You can integrate your repository with a specific service from repository settings (you need to be an admin). Once you integrate your repository with an issue tracker, you can mention ticket numbers in comments posted to Changeset, File, and Code Review pages and Beanstalk will generate actual links to your issue tracker and put them in your comments.

Default syntax to mention tickets

Mentioning tickets in comments is simple:

<code>This is an example comment about #444 that was fixed yesterday.

After parsing this comment Beanstalk will turn #444 into a link to the issue tracker that's currently active in this repository. So if you have Lighthouse integration active, #444 will ink to your Lighthouse account.

Alternative syntax

If you have multiple issue tracker integrations active in your repository at the same time you need to use an alternative syntax that helps Beanstalk determine which issue tracker you want to use:

<code>This is an example comment about FB444 that was fixed yesterday.

FB444 in the example above means ticket 444 of FogBugz integration. When parsing this comment Beanstalk will see if you have an active FogBugz integration in the repository, and if you do it will create a link to ticket 444 in your FogBugz account. If you don't, it will simply skip that syntax.

Here's a list of available shortcuts that you can use to mention tickets with the alternative syntax:

  • AS: Asana
  • DD: DoneDone
  • FB: FogBugz
  • JR: JIRA
  • LH: Lighthouse
  • PT: Pivotal Tracker
  • SF: Sifter
  • ZD: Zendesk
  • GR: Groove

Make sure to use upper case for service shortcuts.

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