IP Access Record

If you suspect malicious behavior on your account, you can check your IP Access Record file for more information. 

By looking at this file, you can easily review the following information for each of  the last 10 connections per user:

  • Login Username
  • Login Email
  • Repository Name (if connection accessed a repository). 
  • IP Address
  • Timestamp

Beanstalk stores records for the following connection types:

  • Web access -  every successful login attempt will be recorded
  • Repo access - every Git or Subversion request (checkout, commit, clone, push, etc.);

Note: Subversion requests are throttled at 1 request per 15 minutes per user to prevent the log from overfilling.

The IP Access Record is available for account owners only and on business plans only. To download this file, login to your account, go to Accounts tab, then Security section, and you will see a button for downloading the records.

The file in a CSV format.

If needed you can disable access from certain IP Addresses.

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