How can I share HTML or Image file Previews?

Beanstalk's Design Preview feature allows you to easily render HTML and image files from your repository and compare different revisions of the files. One of the best features is the ability to share a preview with other team members or people outside of your Beanstalk account.

Public and private sharing

You can share any Preview, even one set to compare more than one version, with your team or with everyone (public sharing).

The default sharing option is private, where the Preview will be available only to all the users in your Beanstalk account, regardless of repository permission. If you wanted to share with a client or friend that doesn't have access to your Beanstalk account you can enable public access by checking off "Allow public access". This makes the link open to anyone, anywhere.

Who can share preview pages?

Any user can share a Preview. However the public sharing option is only available to Admins and the Account Owner.

Please note that using Preview does not affect the security of your SVN repository pages. In both private and public sharing, a person can only see the contents of the Preview and click on any links in the HTML. They can't access your repository.

Turn Off Sharing

You can turn off sharing at any time by clicking "Stop Sharing" in the Preview tool or by visiting the Repository > Settings > Sharing page.

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